Fencing Case Study

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Full-Service SEO


A fencing company in Ohio approached us is 2021 soon after they built their website. They were a relatively new business and located in medium-sized market (200K-500K population). There were a fair amount of competitors in their market with sophisticated SEO on their websites. We knew first-page rankings would take a little longer due to the domain age of their website and the competition. Nonetheless, we were confident in our SEO recipe and launched the full-service campaign.

iron fence


The SCOOP strategy is implemented for all our SEO clients:

S – specify
C – core
O – on-page SEO
O – off-page SEO
P – progress


This is the first step in our process, defining the keywords that we want to go after (keywords we want
to rank #1 on Google for). We found the highest volume keywords to be “fencing company + City” and “vinyl fence company+ City”. There were secondary keywords we decided to target as well, “chain link fence + City”, “commercial fencing + City”, etc.


We wanted to make sure we laid a solid foundation for our SEO efforts by making the client’s website technically sound. In this case, we found problems with the robots.txt, the canonical tags, and redirected pages. We quickly fixed these issues.

On-Page SEO:

The client had built their own website and had fairly solid content. It was extensive and informative. The problem was they did not include any market-specific keywords. We integrated these into the content that was on the home pages and the location pages. This gave Google the chance to see who the leading expert was on all things fence-related in the client’s market.

Off-Page SEO:

The main focus of off-page SEO is building backlinks. Backlinks are essentially links from other websites. You can view them as votes. The more HIGH-QUALITY VOTES a website has, the
better it ranks.

But it’s not as simple as that.

With backlinks, it’s all about QUALITY.

We leveraged our network of high-authority websites to begin backlinking to our client’s website. It is important to slowly drip these backlinks, target the correct anchor term, and make sure the backlinks are do-follow links.


The roofing industry typically has more sophisticated SEO competition so we all knew the timeline would be a little longer to see those first-page results. Google can also be slow when it comes to indexing backlinks, which makes it very important to consistently add high-quality backlinks. As those backlinks came online, our client’s website ranking improved.

Using Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEO software we were able to monitor our keyword positions and the traffic coming into the site. Before even getting to the top spots of our primary keywords, our client was expanding their team to keep up with demand. They now sit comfortably at the top of the first page for several keywords.

Our ongoing SEO efforts for this client are keeping them in the top spots by naturally adding backlinks, publishing fresh, relevant content, and monitoring Google updates. Below is a screenshot of the results we achieved for our client:

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