It's time to stand out

Search Engine Optimization that Works

When a customer searches for you services do they find you or your competitor?

You may run your business so well that you consistently get referrals from your customers. But what about those people that don’t have a referral from their friends or family?

They turn to Google. These customers are very qualified and almost 1/3rd of local searches result in a purchase from a local business like yours.

98% of people do not leave the first page of Google when looking for your service. If you are not on the first page, the chances of your website being seen are slim-to-none.

Red Head SEO makes it easy for these people to find you on the first page.

Our SEO Campaigns are full-service.
All packages include:

On-Page SEO

Keyword Research

Technical SEO

Link Building

Content Creation

When you work with Red Head SEO you’re partnering with a small team of SEO experts based in Charlotte.

You won’t be paired with an account rep who has never run an SEO campaign before, handed off to a junior SEO with best wishes or worst of all outsourced overseas. You deal directly with our SEO manager who has 10 years of real world SEO experience.  Many of our clients have come from working with other SEO agencies, some of who were burned by a poor strategy, poor execution and a lack of transparency – often all three. 

Our mission is to provide an incredible digital marketing experience that provides a high level of value and transparency. 

All of our SEO campaigns start with our 90 point checklist. Although every campaign is different, SEO is a repeatable scalable process when done correctly. 

All campaigns include:

Competition analysis

Before we start a campaign we look at how competitive the space is and how much search volume is available. This allows us to decide if SEO is the best marketing channel for your business and to set realistic expectations.

Blog content production

Most local SEO companies write very low quality content. We have a filter that all of our content goes through. It has to be useful and it has be well written for both humans and search engines.

Keyword Research

Local SEO keyword research is an extension of competition analysis. At this stage we’ve decided SEO is a good fit for your business. Now we’re trying to find little golden nuggets and angles less experienced SEO’s might miss.

Blog content posting & optimization

Once we’ve written useful, quality content it needs to be posted. This is another area the wheels often fall off. We take the time to post every blog post correctly which means ensuring the on-page elements are done correctly and it’s free from errors.

Keyword Tracking

Typically there are five to ten leading keywords that let us know how a local SEO campaign is going. If those keywords are stuck, you can bet the campaign is stuck.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an analytics and website health tool. We set this up for every site we work on.

Link audit and analysis

Another extension of competitor analysis. We use tools to determine how far ahead the competition is for any given keyword which allows us to price in the proper number of links. Every SEO campaign should include acquiring links.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics, or GA4 is Google’s most recent version of their tracking platform. It’s always surprising how many sites don’t have any analytical data. This is just another data point we use to ensure a campaign is going as planned.


Quality backlinks

While all local SEO should include links, not all links are created equal. In fact, every link is like a snowflake, perfectly unique. We have a network of high-authority site through ownership, management, and industry relationships that we use to backlink to your site. 



Citations are simply online directories. Every local business should build them. They help fortify your NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) and they are also links (although not very powerful ones) as well.

On-Page Optimization

The basics which so many SEO agencies get wrong. These are the simple things that let Google know what the page is about. The URL, SEO title, header tags, meta descriptions and alt tags to name a few.

Page Speed Audit

If your website is slow it’s going to hurt your business. Page speed is overhyped but if your site takes >3s to load, that is an area of concern.


Service Page Content Analysis & Creation

The first part is the analysis. What service pages should you add? If you’re a painter that might be interior painting, exterior painting and deck staining. The second part is creating service pages that look good AND have enough content on them. Lucky, we’ve developed and designed hundreds of websites and landing pages so a service page or two is a breeze.


Location Page Content Analysis & Creation

This is very similar to a service page, except instead of trying to rank for interior painter now we’re trying tor an area we service. The homepage takes care of your primary service but if you work in a service area we’ll want to capture the surrounding towns too.


Homepage Content Analysis & Creation

The homepage is the most valuable page on a service businesses website. It’s the page that is going to rank for most of the keywords in their town or city. So, we treat it as such.


Topical Authority Analysis

Topical authority is a concept I borrowed from media sites. Cover a topic as thoroughly as you can – this adds credibility. We use this approach when creating blog content for client sites.


Core web vitals audit

Core web vitals is your websites health. In Google Search Console, Google will provide you with your core web vitals. If there is an issue we dive in to see if it can be fixed.

Monthly Reporting

We provide simple, transparent work reports and ranking reports. We don’t try to overwhelm our clients with long reports that they can’t understand and won’t bother to read. The goal is to deliver the relevant information.


Content Roadmap

We typically build out our roadmap 6 months in advance. This often means laying out what service pages and location pages need to be added or improved. But once we’ve covered all of those landing pages we’ll move onto creating a blog content roadmap.



We do our best not to oversell our services on sales call. We are not a churn and burn agency constantly replacing clients every month. We provide detailed work reports, traffic reports and ranking reports. If SEO isn’t a great option for your business or if your current provider is doing a good job we WILL tell you.